Thursday, May 14, 2009

About Liberals

Liberals are the most unpatriotic, commie-loving doucheholster of the most pathetic sort; a mindless, juvenile, hero-worshipping drone incapable of independent or even dubiously logical thought, eagerly gulping down the lies you've been spoon-fed about the candidates, your fellow Americans, and your country like a good little socialist automaton; an arrogant ignoramus unreasonably convinced of your own superiority, and incapable of recognizing the debt of gratitude you owe the nation you despise and wish to see brought low by Obama's ass-backward statism, slavish devotion to the failed European economic, military, and political model, and willingness to debase ourselves and bargain with our implacable foes; a pseudonymous coward who hates and fears the successful, the courageous, the undauntable and, indeed, anyone at all whose reasoned opinions differ from your irrational and crack-brained juvenile prejudices for the obvious threat to your deservedly meager self-esteem they represent; and a laughably vapid, conventional, and, ultimately, uninteresting fool -- no matter who's President.

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