Sunday, June 14, 2009


These discussion boards are full of vermin called liberals and I see they are always talking about how RUDE I am, well they are right and I offer NO apologies. I call em as I see em.
I see these left wing cry babies who hate our military, love our enemies, hate morality, love homosexuality, and have no trouble at all killing innocent un-born babies while complaining about VOLUNTEER soldiers who want to defend this great country of ours while they tear it apart.
They spew hatred for conservatives while praising the acts of people like Namcy Pelosiu, Harry Reid, Chuck Schummer, Charles Ralgel, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines, John Kerry, John Conyers, Ted Kennedy and the other moron who benefited from the housing meltdown, Barack Hussein Obama.
Their confused state of mind blended with their ability to push their agenda in public schools and colleges has given rise to a NEO-SOCIALIST movement here in the U.S.
It seems that they would just as soon shit where they eat, (not surprising at all) because they have no sense of self worth.
They can only degrade people who do try to stand up for the sovereignty and freedoms this country offers while endlessly complaining about what the government hasn't given them and their worthless "hate America" friends.

Letterman is a washed up, old liberal whose ratings are tanking along with Obama's.

Liberalism is a terrible disease for a comedian to contract. The victim slowly loses the ability to determine what is humor and what is just a vile, disgusting, hateful comment. The prognosis for Mr. Letterman is not good. In order to get an idea of what the future looks like for him, all you need to do is look at Bill Maher............... who has been suffering from the same disease for many years. At this time there is no known cure for this horrible disease.

Because she's beautiful?

Because she's bright?

Because she's from a state that's not broke and full of elitists like California and New York?

Because she's a conservative?

Because she has a family that she loves and who loves her back?

Because she loves America, unlike Obama who hates America?

I'll never understand the nuts on the left and I don't want to.

I'm just curious why the hate and jealously for someone undeserving of your attacks!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rev. Wright:

I believe in the Jewish slogan "never again". That is why I am very surprised and disappointed Jewish folks would have anything to do with Obama knowing of his relationship with Wright who obviously is most prejudiced against Jews. And I think Obama is unsympathetic with Israel. It just boggles my mind they voted like 70% for him and raised money for him in huge numbers. Is it the Stockholm syndrome type thing? Obama sat in the Wright's church. Wright denounced Jews for years. I just do not understand it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah Palin smacks down David Letterman

Schmuck face David Letterman made dumb and disgusting jokes about one of her daughters “disgusting” and “sexually perverted.”

In an e-mailed statement, Palin said: “Laughter incited by sexually perverted comments made by a 62-year-old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl is not only disgusting, but it reminds us some Hollywood/N.Y. entertainers have a long way to go in understanding what the rest of America understands — that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone's daughter, contributes to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.”

Her husband, Todd, added in the same statement that “any ‘jokes’ about raping my 14-year-old are despicable.

Remember what happened to Don Imus? I think that this was 10times worse. And that CBS should do something about this blabbering Idiot. Somebody needs to take Ole Dave out behind the woodshed and beat him to a pulp. How despicable for that old buffoon to even talk about a 14 year old girl in that tone.

Letterman, Stewart, Maher, and Colbert who make a living insulting people they don't agree with. All in the name of "comedy". I personally find it disgusting.

I bet every one of you liberal hypocrites would be singing a different tune if it was one of Obama's daughter. Would you lecture Obama to "get over your self"? I think NOT. And rightly so.

To make a sick sexual joke about a 14-year old girl is disgusting. Lets see where this goes. My guess is NO-WHERE!

Rush Limbaugh on Sonia Sotomayor

After Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor tripped and broke her ankle Monday, Limbaugh said: “I hope she can find a wise Latina doctor to set that ankle, as opposed to an average white doctor, because the wise Latina doctor has much richer experience with broken ankles.”

I think that was really funny. Or at least reasonably clever...

For myself, she sounds like a bigot -- thinking her group is better than another group, so she is automatically disqualified to sit not only on the court, but to even sit on a JURY.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

About Liberals

Liberals are the most unpatriotic, commie-loving doucheholster of the most pathetic sort; a mindless, juvenile, hero-worshipping drone incapable of independent or even dubiously logical thought, eagerly gulping down the lies you've been spoon-fed about the candidates, your fellow Americans, and your country like a good little socialist automaton; an arrogant ignoramus unreasonably convinced of your own superiority, and incapable of recognizing the debt of gratitude you owe the nation you despise and wish to see brought low by Obama's ass-backward statism, slavish devotion to the failed European economic, military, and political model, and willingness to debase ourselves and bargain with our implacable foes; a pseudonymous coward who hates and fears the successful, the courageous, the undauntable and, indeed, anyone at all whose reasoned opinions differ from your irrational and crack-brained juvenile prejudices for the obvious threat to your deservedly meager self-esteem they represent; and a laughably vapid, conventional, and, ultimately, uninteresting fool -- no matter who's President.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Have Heard and Read Just About Enough

That's right all you liberals like the JERK that calls himself "Kind and Gentle Truth". . . stay in your warped universities listening to your fascist, left-wing, gutless professors bad mouth your country.
They HATE Rush, they Hate Bush, they HATE Cheney, Palin, and every other American who is not a fellow liberal brown shirt.
But love the likes of that creep in the white house and his fat assed wife.
They love the likes of Hugo Chavez and Palosi and Reid and Shummer and Rangle and the swimmer Kennedy,But he thinks that every word that drips out of Obama the Socialist is gospel... I'm so sick of him and his ugly and idiotic sycophants!! This jerk even defended that Douche Bag Jeremiah Wright but he thinks that everyone in the Republican Party are racist's... would you say his mind is warped? I would! Sorry for this long rant, but people like him just make me sick!
Enough is enough
I'm sick and tired of you always being ashamed of my country! I'm sick and tired you always apologizing for my country! And I'm sick and tired you you running down my country!
You POMPOUS little liberal punks, all you want to do is take and never give!
I've yet to read where ANY of you have ever said that you have ever served our country, but you sure know how to knock it!
I am sick to death of you all... . Everything that you says is, in one way or another, utterly laughable. And that goes for the rest of your Stupid ilk that you seem to follow around the blogisphere.

Under Obama, I fear for every aspect of our country — from the economy, healthcare, Socialistic movements, national defense all the way to our basic national sovereignty and our Constitutional freedoms.
I'm more afraid of poor leadership in this country than I am with the economy
There isn’t ANY aspect of this nation that I believe Mr Obama has influenced in a positive way at this point. But this guy and his bunch of Obama suck-ups can't see anything wrong !

Monday, May 4, 2009

A few thoughts about Mr. Obama and his friends.

Ok, you Obamazombies, exactly why is it that we have to point out to you over and over again that he has to hide every single one of his former (and sometimes current) associates? Who is here to vouch for this man? Wright? Flager? Ayers? Rezko? ACORN? Frankliln Raines? Jim Johnson? Hell, his former opponents said all these things as well, and that was before we even started peeling back the layers of this rotten onion. Why can't we seem to find any records of his days at almost every step of the way? Harvard, Annenburg project, ACORN, Chicago State Senate; the only records we do have show him missing or voting present on 70+% of all votes. We know John McCain's story, he has TONS of folks from his past that line up to attest to his views and his honor; we have no such group for old big ears. Why is it that every time he is asked about his associations, he initially says they had no influence on him, then it becomes 'oh I saw him a few times', then it becomes 'oh we may have crossed paths politically a few times', and on and on till we finally get to the 'I am no longer a member of my church, and I repudiate the things they say'. It took him 20 years, two baptisms, a marraige, numerous times as co-panalists with the likes of a Farakhan, a position within his campaign(s), an endorsement of his book in the prolouge, and youtube to finally get this clown to say 'you know, I might be in hot water if more and more people get wind of this; better disassociate myself with him' (one week after he said he could no more distance himself from his church than he could his family). Now we find that William Ayers, known terrorist, who started as 'just some guy from the neighborhood', helped lauch Dumbo's political carrer, and Dumbo even wrote a blurb on the dust jacket of his recent book!! Wake up zombies; you won't find emphatic love for John McCain here, but what you will find is a respect for a man who has dedicated his entire life to service of this nation, even placing his life on the line in denfense of her. What was Barry doing all this time? Drugs (his own admission was 'I was in a drug-induced haze for most of my formative years'), and running for office in vintage Chicago-thug style. I can not believe you people are really that stupid. This is the emptiest shirt I have ever seen in my life, and only parts of the shirt that are filled, he has to conceal.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's Blame Bush.........Again

Bush WAS tested. Remember the attacks on the WORLD TRADE CENTER-the financial capital of the world? He responded with the CORRECT policies and we had RECORD growth and jobs created.

This deep recession was created for the most part by democrat policies and politicians like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, oh and Jimmy Carter, imho. And THEIR REFUSAL to listen to George Bush and many in his administration of the pending doom of FNMAE and FREDDIE MAC. And it is worsened by the tired old, stale liberal policies of Barack obama and the radicals in charge now, imho.