Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah Palin smacks down David Letterman

Schmuck face David Letterman made dumb and disgusting jokes about one of her daughters “disgusting” and “sexually perverted.”

In an e-mailed statement, Palin said: “Laughter incited by sexually perverted comments made by a 62-year-old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl is not only disgusting, but it reminds us some Hollywood/N.Y. entertainers have a long way to go in understanding what the rest of America understands — that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone's daughter, contributes to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.”

Her husband, Todd, added in the same statement that “any ‘jokes’ about raping my 14-year-old are despicable.

Remember what happened to Don Imus? I think that this was 10times worse. And that CBS should do something about this blabbering Idiot. Somebody needs to take Ole Dave out behind the woodshed and beat him to a pulp. How despicable for that old buffoon to even talk about a 14 year old girl in that tone.

Letterman, Stewart, Maher, and Colbert who make a living insulting people they don't agree with. All in the name of "comedy". I personally find it disgusting.

I bet every one of you liberal hypocrites would be singing a different tune if it was one of Obama's daughter. Would you lecture Obama to "get over your self"? I think NOT. And rightly so.

To make a sick sexual joke about a 14-year old girl is disgusting. Lets see where this goes. My guess is NO-WHERE!


  1. Yeah, I posted the thing on MSNBC about it on my blog.

  2. All I could think about was Don Imus too. How two faced and hypercritical can these people be. It is definitely time to reign them in. All of them.
    Thanks for coming to visit me. Hope you come again. I am a mixture of everything on my blog. My outrage to the state of the nation to my love of my Lord and family. You will find it all there.
    By the way, Right is Right is one of my favorite blogs.

  3. I'm with you.. You Go Girl.. I have your back.

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