Sunday, June 14, 2009


These discussion boards are full of vermin called liberals and I see they are always talking about how RUDE I am, well they are right and I offer NO apologies. I call em as I see em.
I see these left wing cry babies who hate our military, love our enemies, hate morality, love homosexuality, and have no trouble at all killing innocent un-born babies while complaining about VOLUNTEER soldiers who want to defend this great country of ours while they tear it apart.
They spew hatred for conservatives while praising the acts of people like Namcy Pelosiu, Harry Reid, Chuck Schummer, Charles Ralgel, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines, John Kerry, John Conyers, Ted Kennedy and the other moron who benefited from the housing meltdown, Barack Hussein Obama.
Their confused state of mind blended with their ability to push their agenda in public schools and colleges has given rise to a NEO-SOCIALIST movement here in the U.S.
It seems that they would just as soon shit where they eat, (not surprising at all) because they have no sense of self worth.
They can only degrade people who do try to stand up for the sovereignty and freedoms this country offers while endlessly complaining about what the government hasn't given them and their worthless "hate America" friends.


  1. We need to get you to a spa so you can relax, but, I guess it's a great venue to vent.

    Keep up the fight, sister!

  2. Girl, you are a breath of fresh air. I've been looking for (so-represented) right-wing hotties to connect with online and here I find your hot, deluded ass. Bring the right-wing fury, girl! I'm already a fan.

  3. As far as right wing nutjobs go, you are in the top 10. You, Limpbagh, Cheney, Steele and Fox are the Democrats best friends.

  4. Lynne, time to crawl back into your cage.

  5. Great post. Wish I could be so articulate.

  6. I love the graphic at the top. Funny stuff.