Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Have Heard and Read Just About Enough

That's right all you liberals like the JERK that calls himself "Kind and Gentle Truth". . . stay in your warped universities listening to your fascist, left-wing, gutless professors bad mouth your country.
They HATE Rush, they Hate Bush, they HATE Cheney, Palin, and every other American who is not a fellow liberal brown shirt.
But love the likes of that creep in the white house and his fat assed wife.
They love the likes of Hugo Chavez and Palosi and Reid and Shummer and Rangle and the swimmer Kennedy,But he thinks that every word that drips out of Obama the Socialist is gospel... I'm so sick of him and his ugly and idiotic sycophants!! This jerk even defended that Douche Bag Jeremiah Wright but he thinks that everyone in the Republican Party are racist's... would you say his mind is warped? I would! Sorry for this long rant, but people like him just make me sick!
Enough is enough
I'm sick and tired of you always being ashamed of my country! I'm sick and tired you always apologizing for my country! And I'm sick and tired you you running down my country!
You POMPOUS little liberal punks, all you want to do is take and never give!
I've yet to read where ANY of you have ever said that you have ever served our country, but you sure know how to knock it!
I am sick to death of you all... . Everything that you says is, in one way or another, utterly laughable. And that goes for the rest of your Stupid ilk that you seem to follow around the blogisphere.

Under Obama, I fear for every aspect of our country — from the economy, healthcare, Socialistic movements, national defense all the way to our basic national sovereignty and our Constitutional freedoms.
I'm more afraid of poor leadership in this country than I am with the economy
There isn’t ANY aspect of this nation that I believe Mr Obama has influenced in a positive way at this point. But this guy and his bunch of Obama suck-ups can't see anything wrong !


  1. I wondered why hits were way up the last couple days. It's not that important to me anymore since I don't earn money from a blog now. But it still strokes the ego.

    Success to you It's My Choice Lady.

    Let me know if you want me to add you to the link list.

  2. Hits are never up on your site, truth101. If they are, I'm sure there are still some people out there you weren't rude to.

    Funny how many people run articles on you, truth. But, none of them are good.

    Don't let truth get to you. He's a nobody hasbeen that makes no logical sense when he writes. His articles are impossible to follow because he is from bizzarro world.